Wedding Party With New Normal Health Protocols In Indonesia

Wedding Party With New Normal Health Protocols In Indonesia

The easing of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) rules in several regions in Indonesia has made a number of activities adjusted, including wedding receptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several regions in Indonesia have started to allow the holding of wedding receptions by implementing the Adaptation of New Habits (AKB) or the so-called ‘New Normal’.

‘Marriage is something that must be rushed’

Not only the bride and groom are enthusiastic about being allowed to hold a wedding party, but also business people who are engaged in the field of ‘wedding organizers’.

Retania Primasari, owner of Nayyara Wedding who lives in Cirebon, West Java, said she was relieved by the policy that adjusted the IMR phase.

“For the past four months our revenue [of entrepreneurs and vendors] has been absolutely zero,” Retania told pragmaticcasino.

He considered that the establishment of a clear health protocol, as a condition for organizing a wedding, was the right middle ground for all parties, both for the bride and groom and the wedding business people.

“If it’s just a normal gathering event, maybe it can still be postponed, but marriage, regardless of religion, is something that must be rushed,” said Reta.

new normal marriage in indonesia

Before the easing, Reta had time to make a wedding package #AkadAjaDulu to facilitate the bride-to-be who still want to get married despite the limitations.

Another option is a virtual wedding package that uses advanced multi-platform digital technology, although according to him the demand is still low because the cost is not cheap.

To meet the needs of prospective brides who want to get married in the ‘new normal’ era, Reta who is also part of the Indonesian Wedding Organizer Association (GPPPI) runs a wedding simulation with health protocols.

Minimal contact to reduce the risk of infected

According to Reta, the wedding simulation was carried out with the aim of educating all parties, from vendors, brides-to-be and their families, as well as the public in general, about the new rules that must be followed when organizing and attending wedding receptions.

Reta explained, everyone who was present during the wedding was required to wear a mask. The organizers also provided ‘hand sanitizer’ and set the distance for those in attendance.

“The number of people in the building can only be 40 to a maximum of 50 percent of the building’s capacity. So if the capacity is 1,000 people, now it’s only allowed to be 500 people,” said Reta as the chief executive of this simulation.

new normal marriage in indonesia celebration

He added, when entering the building, the guests were checked for body temperature.

If in the past the guests wrote or filled out the reception guest book themselves, now the receptionists write it down, so that stationery is not used interchangeably.

Alternatively, a ‘QR Code’ is provided as a substitute for filling out the guest book.

Not only that, an unusual sight will be seen by guests.

“Those on duty, including wedding organizers, catering staff, or musicians, must wear PPE, starting from gloves, masks, and face shields.”

As for the presentation of food dishes, although the system is still a buffet, now there are officers who pick up food.

“For food at the lodge, we recommend the kind that can be taken home, so that it is easier to put it in a box and then distribute it.”

Then one of the big things that sets it apart is that you can’t shake hands, let alone hug the bride and groom.

“There are no greetings, we only use Sundanese greetings that do not touch,” he said.

“The decorator and the person in charge of the venue must first spray the place and its decorations with disinfectant, as well as music and band equipment, must be wiped or sprayed with disinfectant, and the microphone must be covered,” he explained.

With a number of new rules that must be obeyed, Reta admits that there are additional costs that must be incurred by vendors to be able to comply.

According to him, catering or food service providers are the most affected among other vendors.

“Because they usually only need one or two people to supervise and fill the food that runs out, now each food must have an attendant.”

This means that more expenses are needed to pay the wages of additional catering workers, he explained.

“It’s not just the cost of buying hand sanitizer and PPE. So for catering, like it or not, the price also goes up,” said Reta.

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Strategy Wedding Organizer To Survive In Pandemic

Strategy Wedding Organizer To Survive In Pandemic

The business in the field of wedding planning or wedding organizers had slumped in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Until 2021, not many changes have occurred even though the business can rise slowly.

For this reason, wedding organizer businesses need to have a strategy in order to be successful even though the demand for their services has decreased due to the pandemic.

Here are some strategies that can be done as quoted by Planners Lounge:

1. Change marketing techniques

Change marketing techniques

Since the pandemic, people may start to limit large-scale gatherings, such as for weddings.

Couples who want to get married are also racking their brains to be able to hold a party even with a few invited guests.

Therefore, wedding planning service providers also need to rack their brains to adapt themselves and their business.

One thing that can be done is to change marketing techniques by offering small and simple parties.

You can promote the idea of ​​​​a reception with a few invited guests using phrases such as, micro wedding, intimate wedding, streaming wedding, and Covid wedding.

Use these keywords as hashtags in every promotional upload for wedding packages that you want to market.

This will attract attention and make your wedding organizer more recognizable.

2. Take advantage of the live streaming trend

Make a few adjustments to your existing wedding planning, even since the pandemic hasn’t hit yet.

It’s just that guests don’t have to be physically present, just virtual by using applications like Zoom.

The party can still be held and the aisle can be made as beautiful as possible considering the appearance will be displayed.

So, the invitees can still enjoy the beauty of the wedding party even if only through video.

3. Don’t neglect financial aid

Even if your business is starting to recover slowly, keep looking for financial assistance.

Don’t ignore the possibility that you can get financial assistance from a bank or credit provider.

Who knows, you can use it as capital to improve service quality.

To get capital from a credit service provider, you need to keep updating the books of your business and pay taxes diligently.

4. Prepare for a surge in orders

As the economy recovers, it is likely that the wedding organizer business will also increase.

In the future, couples may no longer have to worry about having a party considering that the wedding planner has provided services according to health protocols.

If that happens, be prepared for the possibility that you will receive an increase in orders.

One way to prepare it is to start improving your work system or ordering system for consumers.

5. Provide marriage insurance

Provide marriage insurance

Furthermore, a professional wedding organizer site like needs to provide wedding insurance.

For example insurance for event cancellations or delays for several reasons.

Either because the bride and groom split up, or for unexpected reasons such as a disaster during the party.

Insurance is important to protect clients and prevent them from feeling depressed after their marriage is canceled or delayed.

How do you understand?

I hope this strategy will help your business succeed, my friend. (*)

9 things that should be discussed before getting married to a partner

Preparation Before Marriage – Have you been dating for years and feel ready to move on to the next level? Don’t rush into the budget, wedding decorations, or invitation list just yet! Before starting to prepare for marriage, there are a number of things that you must discuss with your partner. The following list will help you decide if you are sure that you will spend the rest of your life with your loved one.

Things that need to be understood before marriage

Vision and mission

Long before making preparations for marriage, get up in the morning you have to sit together to discuss your personal vision and mission. What are your desires and aspirations in the next 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years? What about your partner, does he have a similar vision and mission? If they are far apart, can you match the different missions with each other?

Pair Nature

After such a long relationship, really to yourself, are you guys compatible with each other? Is there a partner trait that often makes you uncomfortable? This is why it is important to really get to know your partner before you start preparing for marriage. Your household will run in decades, not months or years like when dating. If there are still many partner traits that are pet peeves for you, how are you going to tolerate it in the long run?

Relations with Family

How is your relationship with your partner’s family? How is the family relationship with his own family? This is going to be very influential, Toppers. No matter how suitable you are with him, if you can’t feel that you fit in with your family, especially your parents, all will be in vain. The boyfriend’s relationship with the family can also provide an idea of ​​the future household situation, you know.

Have Children or Not?

Your partner wants to have children, right? This is important to talk about. Nowadays, there are many women who don’t want to have children for various reasons. How much is desired? Also think about plans to raise children later: How to collect education fees, how parents are divided, is your boyfriend willing to change the baby’s diaper or wake up when the child cries at midnight?), How to socialize identity (religion, sexuality, etc.), to age gap brother and sister. Don’t let things around children become a source of trouble later on.

How to Solve Problems

The way to solve problems is different from yours. Therefore, it is important that you go through difficult times together to see how to deal with them. Does he need time to cool off or should he talk about it right away? Is he or she high-tempered and can easily express feelings, or is it someone who is level-headed and often harbored feelings? The ‘difficult time’ is not a trivial matter of quarreling or stuck in traffic, yes, but big problems such as calamities, family conflicts, financial problems, so that targets are not achieved at work.

How to Manage Money

After so long dating, are you happy with the way your partner is making money? Do you think he is too stingy, or is he too ‘generous’ in spending it? Do spouses disagree if spouses work together? Finance is a serious aspect that needs to be mutually agreed upon before starting to prepare for marriage, because many problems in the household arise because of financial assistance.

Relationships with Friends

Sometimes the way to hang out with friends can be a little ‘bumpy’. How does he treat his peers and gender different? This is quite crucial to talk about, especially about privacy in relationships. Has he been happy to talk about problems with your friends when you were fighting? The ‘bucket’ pair can actually make things worse, you know. Enjoy your time with your friend playing slot on

Where Will You Live?

This is closely related to financial condition. After marriage, where will you live? House or apartment? Living with your partner’s family first while slowly saving for your own house or getting separated from your parents? The city of residence should also be considered. The location of the house will greatly determine the mobility of your work and also your environment when raising children.


If all of the above aspects have been answered properly, then you can start preparing for marriage and planning events! What’s your dream wedding like? Think carefully from the concept, location, budget, date, to the list of invitations. Make a mutual agreement, so that when discussing it with your family, their wishes can still be in line with the wishes of you both.

Getting married, like marriage itself, is no joke, Toppers. Surely you want the marriage to last and only happen once in a lifetime, right? Therefore, before starting, all aspects must be carefully thought out. Marriage is not only about feelings, but also unites two individuals with different principles of life, character, how to solve problems, views about finances, and different families.

6 Marriage Trends On New Normal

6 Marriage Trends On New Normal

The period of adaptation to new habits certainly makes many plans delayed. Starting from plans to travel abroad, to watch concerts in the country, to maybe wedding preparations that have been planned long ago. Of course this is less wearing news for those of you who want to hold a wedding party.

Fortunately, during this time, weddings can be held. However, you still have to follow the rules of health as written on situs sbobet. What is the trend of marriage in the adaptation of new habits?

Here Are The 6 Marriage Trends On New Normal:

Preparation Is Done Virtually

If normally you would have a direct meeting with the wedding organizer, the meeting was held virtually during the corona virus pandemic. You and your partner must be ready in front of your smartphone or laptop to “meet” with the wedding organizer representatives. In order for the conversation to run smoothly and prepare according to plan, make sure you have a smooth and stable internet connection.

Intimate Marriage Concept

In addition to meetings with wedding organizers that you have to do virtually, you are not as free as before in inviting wedding guests. Because, according to the Circular of the Minister of Religion Number 15 of 2002, wedding invitations can only be a maximum of 20% of the total capacity of the room. Also, no more than 30 people.

Therefore, the concept of intimate marriage which is only attended by family and relatives and close friends will be suitable as a wedding trend in the new normal era. You can invite the nuclear family of both parties, as well as close friends of you and your partner.

Hold Live Streaming via Social Media

Hold Live Streaming via Social Media

It’s a little sad to think about not being able to invite many people to attend the wedding. However, in order to ensure safety and health together, you must follow this regulation from the Minister of Religion. Regarding not being able to invite many guests, you can hold a live streaming of the marriage contract via each bride’s social media. Let this live streaming event be handled by the wedding organizer team or one of your family.

Setting up Strict Health Protocol Rules

When the wedding day arrives, make sure you have set up strict health protocols for all guests. Yes, even though those who come are close family and friends, there is nothing wrong with following the prescribed health rules.

Before entering the venue, every guest present must have their temperature checked. Then, ask the invited guests to wear a mask, face shield, or other protective equipment to cover the face area. Given the unfavorable situation, it is better not to shake hands by touching each other’s hands.

Sanitation before and after the event

In addition to encouraging invited guests to wear masks or face shields, there is nothing wrong if you ask them to bring their own hand sanitizer. An appeal to bring a hand sanitizer can be included in the invitation that was distributed. If there are guests who forget, you can prepare a hand washing area or a special place to spray hand sanitizer before the guests enter the venue.

Try to Choose an Outdoor Venue

Given that some time ago there was a transmission of the virus originating from closed and air-conditioned spaces, you should choose an outdoor wedding venue. The location of the wedding that takes place in the open will make it easier for guests to keep their distance from each other. In addition, a spacious place also allows for better air circulation.

Still related to the venue, it is also recommended that you arrange a table in the seated dinner format instead of a standing party. Because, if the event is held in a standing party model, the risk of guests crowding will be much higher.

Your wish to hold a wedding during the adaptation of new habits can now be realized. As long as they apply health protocols and keep each other clean, then a pandemic is no longer an obstacle. More importantly, are you ready with the funds for wedding preparation? Even though it is held in a simple manner, still weddings require a lot of money.

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The Best Wedding Organizer in Bali for Your Wedding

The Best Wedding Organizer in Bali

Are you planning to have a wedding ceremony in Bali and now looking for information about the best wedding venues in Bali? I am sure you answered yes! Because you are reading this page which is about the 6 best locations for marriage in Bali. Therefore, please continue reading this page! Certainly your time will not be wasted reading this page, if you have any questions about the best location to get married in Bali.

The island of Bali, an exotic tourist spot in Indonesia, is ideal for foreign and domestic tourists. The beauty of nature, culture, art and safety for tourists while on vacation, make many investments into the island of Bali. The most visible investment in Bali today is the construction of luxury resorts and villas as well as luxury class standard restaurants.

The construction of luxury villas in Bali is usually located in a very hidden place and offers beautiful natural scenery. The beauty of villas in Bali invites many newlyweds to honeymoon on the island of Bali. Not only for honeymooners, the island of Bali is also used as a place for pre-wedding photo shoots in Bali.

Getting Married In Bali

Wherever weddings take place, whether you take a wedding location in Bali, or anywhere you like, of course everyone will hope that the wedding will run smoothly and become the most beautiful memories you want to have. However, every prospective bride and groom preparing for a wedding will always be thrilling and sometimes make the bride and groom feel stressed.

Of course, there are reasons that make preparing for a wedding ceremony that is handled by the bride and groom herself tense.

  • Because this is the first time preparing for a wedding.
  • There are many small things which are overwhelming in number and need attention so as not to forget.

If you entrust the preparation of the wedding ceremony to a professional wedding organizer or wedding planner, I had like give u some pieces of advice that gain insight from casino player on in preparing the wedding ceremony will be reduced. In addition, many hotels, villas and resorts in Bali, apart from providing wedding venues, also provide wedding planner services, who will arrange all the details and details of your wedding.

1. Bali Eve Wedding Planner

We make your moments more memorable!
🚩Bali based
📧[email protected]
👤Laura: +6281239663322
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2. Brides Organizer

MC, Wedding organizer & planner
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Okky – 081318387383
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3. The Right Two

Dream • Plan • Cherish
📍Bali & Jakarta
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4. William & Friends

Entertainment & Organizer
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5. Bali Chemistry Wedding Planner

Based in Bali
Est. 2010
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6. Vio Bali Wedding Planner

Vi Organizer
📍 Based in Bali & Bandung | Indonesia | @vi_organizer
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7. Bali Wedding Organizer – NDB

Wedding Planner & Organizer
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8. Didin Said (ND Design)

Muslim Wedding Organizer, Planner & Consultant
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9. Balistate Wedding Organizer

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10. Avavi Bali Weddings

AVAVI BALI WEDDINGS specializes in planning & coordinating weddings in Bali, helping you make the memories and the happiest day in your lives.

What type of wedding organizer do you need

What type of wedding organizer do you need

There are many professionals who are engaged in wedding organizer (WO). Some WOs are more oriented towards the overall look of the wedding party, while others are more focused on the production process and are well scheduled.

Therefore, make sure you clearly understand what services the WO will provide, and make sure we get all the help we are looking for. Here we will give you an few option you can choose

Full-Service Planner

Handling everything, both design and coordination, from start to finish the wedding. They will help design the overall look of the wedding, looking up to vendor meetings.

This WO service is perfect for couples who are going to organize a complicated party, or who need professional help to guide every step of the way in handling every detail in executing their dream wedding.

Event Designer

They focus more on arranging the overall appearance of the wedding party rather than organizing and arranging all the details, such as schedules and budgets. They are like interior design for your party. Event designers are tasked with collaborating with other vendors. Starting from the invitation designer, florist, to the bakery. So that all your visions can be realized according to your style, taste, and dreams. But don’t expect them to be able to handle all the arrangements and logistical matters.

A wedding designer is not required if you want to collaborate with a venue manager, WO, or florist, in creating a wedding decoration concept.

Usually the bride and groom use the services of an event designer to cut stress, get a more unique wedding idea or concept, or just to make sure their wedding party looks great in the future.

Event designer services are suitable for couples who are able to arrange schedules and coordinate with vendors, but need someone’s help to execute in terms of party appearance design.

Day-of Coordinator

These professionals will make sure things run smoothly on the D-day. Usually they will be asked to start ‘joining’ at least one month before the wedding day to make sure everything is understood and in order.

The Day-of Coordinator will help contact and organize all the vendors, as well as arrange everything until the wedding is over so that you and your family can relax and enjoy the party.

This service is perfect for couples who already have a good planning, arrangement, and arrangement of wedding necessities, but need a stand-by person to run the arrangements and take care of all the details the week before the D-Day.

Mistakes Often Made by Event Planners

Mistakes Often Made by Event Planners

In carrying out an event, the event organizer must make detailed and thorough preparations. The main purpose of the event is to satisfy its clients. Therefore, every preparation must be done carefully. There are several mistakes that an EO can do, which will be fatal.


Discipline is the key to success or failure of an event. All must be ontime according to the existing schedule. If one is too late it will affect all of them. Therefore, an event organizer must be ontime. From small things it will be seen whether someone is ontime or not. If the initial meeting with the client is not ontime, there will be doubts to the client in the future. Even though event organizers always deal with deadlines.


One of the benchmarks for clients is price. When the price in is unreasonable, the client will back off regularly. Set prices according to what can be provided to clients. Never promise something you can’t do / give. Therefore, an event organizer must be observant in using the budget effectively and creatively.

Other Information : The First Step To Plan a Wedding


Appearance is one of the main things that clients see at an early stage. There are still many people who judge appearance to show personality. By looking bad, it certainly describes a bad personality too. And this will give a negative assessment from the client.

6 Tips for a Luxury Wedding on a Limited Budget

6 Tips for a Luxury Wedding on a Limited Budget

Organizing a luxurious wedding is the dream of every bride and groom. Moreover, marriage is a moment that life will never forget. However, a luxurious wedding of course will cost a lot of money because there is indeed a need to marry a little. You can find the best solution also if you need budged on wm casino site.

These needs include, for example, building rental, decoration, catering, dresses and other wedding necessities. Because of the high cost, many of them end up switching to simple weddings.

However, you don’t need to worry, because actually whether or not a marriage is expensive depends on how you deal with it. There are at least 6 things you can do to get a luxurious wedding, but with a minimal budget.

Create a Marriage Committee from the Family

Create a Marriage Committee from the Family

Usually, WO (wedding organizer) services have their respective teams in the procedures for a wedding. In their team, their parts were also divided in carrying out their duties, some were assigned to the souvenir section, some were assigned to the catering division.

Actually you can get the committee without using WO services. You can ask for help from family or friends to become the committee in arranging a luxurious event for a wedding.

They will definitely feel good that they can’t be part of your wedding. Also tell them about your wishes for the marriage, for example, budget and others so they can more easily help.

Pre Wedding Friend Services
The cost for weddings is actually quite a drain on the budget if you use the services of a professional photographer plus rent clothes for photos. To get around this, you can ask for help from friends who have a hobby of photography. Usually, your friends will be happy because they can help enliven your wedding.

Regarding clothes, there is no need to buy or rent them. Just wear the clothes you have that you think look beautiful in those clothes. Even if you don’t have it, just borrow it from a friend to save even more.

Renting Wedding Clothes

Many think that the wedding dress must be bought, because it is a memento later. It is okay for you to do this if you have provided a special budget for this.

However, you can actually do this by renting a wedding dress without having to buy it. Because weddings are only a matter of hours, so it’s a shame if you buy them. Apart from reducing the rent, renting a wedding costume also gives you many choices so you can choose the dress you like.

Take advantage of the Caterer’s Free Decorations

Plaminan decoration costs are usually quite costly, but you can use this by taking advantage of free decorations from the caterer of your choice. Usually they will provide free decorations when ordering a certain number of caterers. You can use this to save money.

Using a friend’s services for documentation

Just like the previous pre-wedding photos, you can ask for help back from friends who have a hobby of photography. You can ask them for help to become the person or committee that pays for documentation, either photos or records if needed.

Using the TigaWarna Catering Savings Package

The main obstacle to getting married is a limited budget. But that was then, not anymore. With a limited wedding budget, brides in Bogor can get a complete and memorable wedding package. We from TigaWarna Catering offer an economical wedding package, namely “All in 200 Pax Wedding Package Only 40 Million”.

The First Step to Planning a Wedding

The First Step to Planning a Wedding - the journal

A wedding might be the biggest and most engaging party you will ever have, but fear not! You can start planning your wedding in 8 simple steps.

1. Enjoy the Engagement

Kiss each other a thousand times. Jumping up and down saying, “We’re engaged!” Staring at the engagement ring.

Take the time to write down in detail how you got engaged. Meditate on the beautiful things in front of you.

Take a photo of yourself with an engagement ring. Kiss each other a thousand times more. Enjoy the moment and make your engagement special.

2. Tell Your Parents

You have to tell your parents about your upcoming marriage before anyone else. (Unless of course, you are isolated.) Both of you should be present and ideally, you will tell them in person so that they will have a chance to take a close look at your happiness, take a look at the ring, and start talking about marriage.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents know before the groom does, but any command is fine. (If you are a traditional couple, the groom may have already asked the bride’s parents to serve him).

Then share this news with a few close friends – those who are most likely to become the prospective guardian / mother and best man of the bride. , or definite officers in a certain capacity.

3. Buy a Journal and Use it

This will be ten thousand moments you won’t want to forget, as well as frustrating moments that you need to confide in, and not necessarily, to your partner.

The journal / Planner you keep when planning your wedding will not only help you through the moment, but will become something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

If you are internet savvy, consider keeping an online journal or starting a wedding blog.

4. Announce Your Engagement

Tell everyone the good news! There are many ways to do this, and no one is more precise or better than the other.

Consider announcing your involvement in a print publication or sending announcements to your family and friends. Now is also a good time to create a wedding website.

The First Step to Planning a Wedding - the wedding

5. Set the date

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning a wedding is choosing a wedding date.

Not only will that be the first question everyone will ask you, but you will be surprised how difficult it is to make progress in planning your wedding without knowing the date.

6. Set the Tone of Your Event

This is the perfect time to decide whether to have a formal wedding, extramarital affairs, or a themed wedding.

This is also a good time to decide whether to have a religious or secular ceremony. In short, you need to decide what the atmosphere of your wedding will be.

A good way to start is to sit down with your partner and write for free about your ideal marriage.

Look at the adjectives you each write down and use those as a starting point. A new involved wedding planning questionnaire to get you started.

7. Set a Budget

Start by looking for a wedding budget worksheet. Look at your finances and find out how much you already have in savings, and how much you can save each month.

Talk to each of your parents and ask them if they would like to contribute to your marriage. Find out how much they want to give you, or what specifics they want to pay.

Finally, decide how comfortable you are in debt. We strongly advise couples to avoid debt as much as possible.

Since married couples fight about money more than anything else, why start your marriage with debt on your back? At the same time, you might consider opening a new credit card only for weddings that will earn you flight miles, cash back, or some other incentive.

It’s a good way for you to track wedding expenses and can help you pay for your honeymoon. Just try to pay it off every month.

8. Find a Place for Ceremony and Reception

Many places are booked a year in advance, so the further you start looking, the more likely you are to get your planned time, date, and cost.

Now that you have made this decision, you have a solid foundation for your marriage. Now it’s time for fun things, like dresses, tuxedos, flowers, music, favors and more.

Remember to use the wedding planning checklist that you can download here to stay organized and be on top.

If you think planning a wedding is not possible, try to find out also 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Organizer that will help you organize your dream wedding ceremony and party.

6 Recommended Wedding Organizer in Jakarta

6 Recommended Wedding Organizer in Jakarta

I imagine the complexity of managing a wedding from A to Z. Starting from conceptualizing, choosing locations, making decorations, looking for a good caterer, to recruiting other wedding vendors. If everything has to be done alone by the bride and groom, stress, yes. good results, not necessarily. Fortunately, now you can easily find wedding organizer and wedding planner services. In fact, there is already a marketplace that directly connects you with wedding organizers and wedding party vendors, you know.

You can find Wedding Organizer that are budget-friendly, ranging from inexpensive wedding organizers to luxury ones. Of course, it will save time and energy if you rely on the services of WO to handle your wedding reception. Well, here are some recommendations for WO services in Jakarta whose prices are relatively affordable.

1. Our Wedding Organizer

Our Wedding Organizer is ready to realize the concept of your dream wedding at an affordable price. To handle your wedding, OurWedz provides a number of WO packages according to your needs with rates starting from Rp. 8,500,000 for a silver package with a capacity of up to 500 guests.

In addition, there are also gold and platinum packages tailored to the number of invited guests. The team also provides a free consultation during the planning process.

2. Sugarbee Wedding Organizer

Sugarbee which was founded in 2015 also has an offer that is no less interesting. With rates starting from Rp. 6,500,000, the crew from Sugarbee are ready to help organize your wedding. The rate includes the bridal chamber decoration, so that your first night will be more memorable.

3. Top Fusion Wedding

Top Fusion is an all-in-one vendor that also provides photography, entertainment and artistic decoration services. Of course, all of that is optional. To coordinate your wedding, Top Fusion Wedding sells rates starting from Rp. 10 million on the day wedding coordinator. Meanwhile, they are also flexible to help you plan some or all of the event.

4. Best Entertainment and Organizer

Handled by agile young people, Best Entertainment and Organizer is ready to ensure your marriage is held successfully. Best provides wedding planner services and music entertainment for your wedding. For full day WO services, you just have to spend from IDR 9 million to IDR 12.5 million. As for entertainment, the tariff ranges from Rp. 11 million to Rp. 15 million. And they are not neglect a little bit at all, the reason is they give some recommendation free bet balance slot joker123 on

5. Ayodya Wedding

Andien Aisyah’s marriage to Irfan Wahyudi alias Ippe was held on April 27 2015. Andien conceptualized a wedding with a rustic theme that was built in the open with white shades. In the party, Andien chose to use a wedding organizer located in Jakarta called Ayodya Wedding. You could say, Ayodya Wedding is a wedding organizer that always offers interesting concepts in holding a wedding, such as themes in the forest and under the sea. But not to worry, you can also determine your own desired wedding concept because Ayodya Wedding is very open.

6. Big Enterprise

The next wedding organizer choice artist’s recommendation came from Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina. Do you remember how the Raffi and Nagita wedding was held in 2014? Yep, the wedding of this celebrity couple is enough to seize public attention, especially their marriage is also broadcast live on television stations. This marriage which is carried by Javanese custom is indeed luxurious and well prepared so it makes the public curious, who is the wedding organizer behind the marriage of parents of Rafathar Malik Ahmad.

Raffi and Nagita entrusted their marriage through a wedding organizer named Big Enterprise. The wedding organizer, which was established in 2005, has handled several types of weddings, both international and traditional weddings. Big Enterprise has a professional team so that making wedding preparations becomes fun.

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Organizer

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding OrganizerEvery bride wants wedding to run perfectly. However, the limited time, the busy office that sometimes can not be delayed, or may be, matters relating to the agreement of the families of both sides, can make a good preparation for the part of your day even more special hampered. Using a wedding organizer service could be a solution to help the various obstacles that arise in the process of preparation for the wedding itself.

The question is how to choose the right wedding planner so your wedding preparations and parties can work perfectly. Here are 5 tips that can help you.

1. References

Because marriage is a unique moment in life for most people, the satisfaction of the results of what the wedding planner and her team are very important. Couples who are satisfied with their service to refer friends and family in need. To further consolidate the selection, wedding organizer also read reviews online brand selected portal wedding trust.

2. Meetup

I do not know, not love. Therefore, to meet and talk with people who will help the party happy day is very important. You can not only view their portfolio, but also feel the first impression they are doing, how each party has accepted the idea of ​​your dream, and ethics and professionalism when they meet. Remember, you’ll often see them and once you are in the life of the party will be helped by them.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is important and must come from both sides. When the bustle and stress hit, a good wedding planner can not only help the organizers of the wedding party, but also to entertain friends. On the fiscal side, the network he is, he must be able to use the budget assigned to the appropriate wedding dreams of its customers.

4. Communicative

This communication is of course the key to a trust that arises between you and your wedding planner to help you plan your party. However, make sure you choose a wedding organizer also shows the good cooperation between their teams. It is important for a successful marriage.

Wedding Organizer5. Task Master

Having the flexibility of reliable, good communication, how the wedding planner and master the tasks they are an important team. Either associated with the seller’s wedding in use, or control of the traditional wedding rituals and international concept is equally important.

Today, a wedding planner that  is part of a series of perfect and unforgettable of preparation for the bride and bridal party, family and guests. Almost all married couples use the services of a wedding planner to help them prepare for their most special day. Therefore, look for a wedding planner who meet the above criteria to be important for the survival of the perfect wedding party memorable and unforgettable for the rest of your life.

6. Ask about portfolio

Also asked about the project work or marriage, they treat.

Do not buy a pig in a poke!

7. Read the contract agreement carefully

You and your partner can also check in connection with a contract agreement offered by the wedding planner.

These include, among others, payment, catering included in the package or not, and so on.

8. Make sure that you and your partner feel comfortable with the wedding planner

Ask the opinion of a couple on the wedding organizer to choose from.

Make sure you and your spouse have agreed, do not quarrel let you and your spouse, even after the new contract concluded with the wedding planner selected.

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