6 Tips for a Luxury Wedding on a Limited Budget

6 Tips for a Luxury Wedding on a Limited Budget

Organizing a luxurious wedding is the dream of every bride and groom. Moreover, marriage is a moment that life will never forget. However, a luxurious wedding of course will cost a lot of money because there is indeed a need to marry a little. You can find the best solution also if you need budged on wm casino site.

These needs include, for example, building rental, decoration, catering, dresses and other wedding necessities. Because of the high cost, many of them end up switching to simple weddings.

However, you don’t need to worry, because actually whether or not a marriage is expensive depends on how you deal with it. There are at least 6 things you can do to get a luxurious wedding, but with a minimal budget.

Create a Marriage Committee from the Family

Create a Marriage Committee from the Family

Usually, WO (wedding organizer) services have their respective teams in the procedures for a wedding. In their team, their parts were also divided in carrying out their duties, some were assigned to the souvenir section, some were assigned to the catering division.

Actually you can get the committee without using WO services. You can ask for help from family or friends to become the committee in arranging a luxurious event for a wedding.

They will definitely feel good that they can’t be part of your wedding. Also tell them about your wishes for the marriage, for example, budget and others so they can more easily help.

Pre Wedding Friend Services
The cost for weddings is actually quite a drain on the budget if you use the services of a professional photographer plus rent clothes for photos. To get around this, you can ask for help from friends who have a hobby of photography. Usually, your friends will be happy because they can help enliven your wedding.

Regarding clothes, there is no need to buy or rent them. Just wear the clothes you have that you think look beautiful in those clothes. Even if you don’t have it, just borrow it from a friend to save even more.

Renting Wedding Clothes

Many think that the wedding dress must be bought, because it is a memento later. It is okay for you to do this if you have provided a special budget for this.

However, you can actually do this by renting a wedding dress without having to buy it. Because weddings are only a matter of hours, so it’s a shame if you buy them. Apart from reducing the rent, renting a wedding costume also gives you many choices so you can choose the dress you like.

Take advantage of the Caterer’s Free Decorations

Plaminan decoration costs are usually quite costly, but you can use this by taking advantage of free decorations from the caterer of your choice. Usually they will provide free decorations when ordering a certain number of caterers. You can use this to save money.

Using a friend’s services for documentation

Just like the previous pre-wedding photos, you can ask for help back from friends who have a hobby of photography. You can ask them for help to become the person or committee that pays for documentation, either photos or records if needed.

Using the TigaWarna Catering Savings Package

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