What type of wedding organizer do you need

What type of wedding organizer do you need

There are many professionals who are engaged in wedding organizer (WO). Some WOs are more oriented towards the overall look of the wedding party, while others are more focused on the production process and are well scheduled.

Therefore, make sure you clearly understand what services the WO will provide, and make sure we get all the help we are looking for. Here we will give you an few option you can choose

Full-Service Planner

Handling everything, both design and coordination, from start to finish the wedding. They will help design the overall look of the wedding, looking up to vendor meetings.

This WO service is perfect for couples who are going to organize a complicated party, or who need professional help to guide every step of the way in handling every detail in executing their dream wedding.

Event Designer

They focus more on arranging the overall appearance of the wedding party rather than organizing and arranging all the details, such as schedules and budgets. They are like interior design for your party. Event designers are tasked with collaborating with other vendors. Starting from the invitation designer, florist, to the bakery. So that all your visions can be realized according to your style, taste, and dreams. But don’t expect them to be able to handle all the arrangements and logistical matters.

A wedding designer is not required if you want to collaborate with a venue manager, WO, or florist, in creating a wedding decoration concept.

Usually the bride and groom use the services of an event designer to cut stress, get a more unique wedding idea or concept, or just to make sure their wedding party looks great in the future.

Event designer services are suitable for couples who are able to arrange schedules and coordinate with vendors, but need someone’s help to execute in terms of party appearance design.

Day-of Coordinator

These professionals will make sure things run smoothly on the D-day. Usually they will be asked to start ‘joining’ at least one month before the wedding day to make sure everything is understood and in order.

The Day-of Coordinator will help contact and organize all the vendors, as well as arrange everything until the wedding is over so that you and your family can relax and enjoy the party.

This service is perfect for couples who already have a good planning, arrangement, and arrangement of wedding necessities, but need a stand-by person to run the arrangements and take care of all the details the week before the D-Day.

Mistakes Often Made by Event Planners

Mistakes Often Made by Event Planners

In carrying out an event, the event organizer must make detailed and thorough preparations. The main purpose of the event is to satisfy its clients. Therefore, every preparation must be done carefully. There are several mistakes that an EO can do, which will be fatal.


Discipline is the key to success or failure of an event. All must be ontime according to the existing schedule. If one is too late it will affect all of them. Therefore, an event organizer must be ontime. From small things it will be seen whether someone is ontime or not. If the initial meeting with the client is not ontime, there will be doubts to the client in the future. Even though event organizers always deal with deadlines.


One of the benchmarks for clients is price. When the price in is unreasonable, the client will back off regularly. Set prices according to what can be provided to clients. Never promise something you can’t do / give. Therefore, an event organizer must be observant in using the budget effectively and creatively.

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Appearance is one of the main things that clients see at an early stage. There are still many people who judge appearance to show personality. By looking bad, it certainly describes a bad personality too. And this will give a negative assessment from the client.