Strategy Wedding Organizer To Survive In Pandemic

Strategy Wedding Organizer To Survive In Pandemic

The business in the field of wedding planning or wedding organizers had slumped in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Until 2021, not many changes have occurred even though the business can rise slowly.

For this reason, wedding organizer businesses need to have a strategy in order to be successful even though the demand for their services has decreased due to the pandemic.

Here are some strategies that can be done as quoted by Planners Lounge:

1. Change marketing techniques

Change marketing techniques

Since the pandemic, people may start to limit large-scale gatherings, such as for weddings.

Couples who want to get married are also racking their brains to be able to hold a party even with a few invited guests.

Therefore, wedding planning service providers also need to rack their brains to adapt themselves and their business.

One thing that can be done is to change marketing techniques by offering small and simple parties.

You can promote the idea of ​​​​a reception with a few invited guests using phrases such as, micro wedding, intimate wedding, streaming wedding, and Covid wedding.

Use these keywords as hashtags in every promotional upload for wedding packages that you want to market.

This will attract attention and make your wedding organizer more recognizable.

2. Take advantage of the live streaming trend

Make a few adjustments to your existing wedding planning, even since the pandemic hasn’t hit yet.

It’s just that guests don’t have to be physically present, just virtual by using applications like Zoom.

The party can still be held and the aisle can be made as beautiful as possible considering the appearance will be displayed.

So, the invitees can still enjoy the beauty of the wedding party even if only through video.

3. Don’t neglect financial aid

Even if your business is starting to recover slowly, keep looking for financial assistance.

Don’t ignore the possibility that you can get financial assistance from a bank or credit provider.

Who knows, you can use it as capital to improve service quality.

To get capital from a credit service provider, you need to keep updating the books of your business and pay taxes diligently.

4. Prepare for a surge in orders

As the economy recovers, it is likely that the wedding organizer business will also increase.

In the future, couples may no longer have to worry about having a party considering that the wedding planner has provided services according to health protocols.

If that happens, be prepared for the possibility that you will receive an increase in orders.

One way to prepare it is to start improving your work system or ordering system for consumers.

5. Provide marriage insurance

Provide marriage insurance

Furthermore, a professional wedding organizer site like needs to provide wedding insurance.

For example insurance for event cancellations or delays for several reasons.

Either because the bride and groom split up, or for unexpected reasons such as a disaster during the party.

Insurance is important to protect clients and prevent them from feeling depressed after their marriage is canceled or delayed.

How do you understand?

I hope this strategy will help your business succeed, my friend. (*)