The Difference Between Past and Present, These are 5 Changes in Wedding Reception

The Difference Between Past and Present, These are 5 Changes in Wedding Reception

In choosing a wedding theme, usually the bride and groom will look for what theme they want. Whether according to traditional or modern customs, the two themes do have their own unique side in celebration. But along with the times cq9 slot writed, today’s society has adapted a lot of Western cultural marriages which tend to be different from ours.

The reason is because Western cultural weddings tend to be simpler and less formal. For example, when the invited guests are not provided with a seat but a standing party. Of course, this is not in accordance with our culture which prioritizes the norm of modesty, but on the other hand, this can actually save time and the wedding budget. Indeed, unconsciously there are many changes in marriage over time. Let’s find out more, let’s see what it is!

Here are 5 Changes in Wedding Reception From Time to Time:

1. Skipping places of worship

Some couples claim not to choose a place of worship in carrying out their wedding. The reason is because they want this once-in-a-lifetime moment to give a unique and different impression. They don’t want to seem too formal, they will usually add their likes to be able to express themselves.

For example, for those of you who like Disney princess-style themes, you can freely adapt this theme in a suitable place instead of holding events in places of worship that are considered sacred and sacred. Marriage can be free and there is no need to worry about disturbing worship activities.

2. The budget is increasing

According to a Bridebook survey that examined 4000 couples in the UK, it was found that the cost of a wedding cost around 27 thousand dollars or around 383 million rupiah. Worse yet, it turns out that the budget will increase over the years. This can be because every couple will compete to give the best wedding party. So it’s not surprising that today’s society is more concerned with prestige than the sacredness of marriage.

The budget is increasing

3. More personal

For today’s generation, marriage is an opportunity for them to show their personality more freely. Each couple will have their own unique idea so that the wedding can give an unforgettable impression. Not infrequently you will find couples who prefer to decorate their own wedding party with DIY rather than renting decorations from a wedding organizer.

4. Get married when you have a successful career

With the increasing number of job opportunities offered, it is not uncommon today for many people to prefer to focus on their careers first rather than getting married. In addition, they also admitted that instead of spending a long time dating, it was better to improve themselves first while waiting to meet the right person. They have the principle that it is better to be well-established and old enough than to be deprived after marriage.

Social media addiction

5. Social media addiction

It’s not the millennial generation if you don’t use social media as a means of self-existence. Social media such as Instagram is a source of inspiration for them in finding the desired wedding inspiration. For example, they can see friends or celebrities who have been married. Of course, this can be proof that today’s millennials can be more creative and independent in all things, especially in determining their own marriage.

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