These are 11 Details of Marriage that Millennials Need Know

These are 11 Details of Marriage that Millennials Need Know

First of all, understand that getting married is not enough just to have intention. It takes real effort to make it happen. For example, convincing couples to get married, preparing marriage funds, getting the blessing of both parents to designing the concept of a wedding reception.

About the cost of marriage, you know, right? getting married with a modern reception nowadays is not cheap, as written on bocoran slot online website statistic that the price is increasing every year. So, you need to prepare carefully so that the dream of getting married can be realized smoothly.

Check out the 11 detailed list of wedding costs, estimated costs and the following solutions:

Delivery Fee

Delivery or offerings are one of the hereditary traditions that are often carried out during wedding processions or proposals.

Estimated Cost: Shipping costs vary, it all depends on the number of items and the brand you want to deliver. Simple version, complete delivery costs start from IDR 5 million.

The cost of dowry or dowry

The dowry or dowry is an important aspect of a marriage. Usually, the dowry is in the form of a set of prayer/worship tools, some cash to jewelry or gold (precious metals).

Estimated Cost: For example, if the dowry is in the form of 10 grams of precious metal, then the money you need to prepare is IDR 7.5 million.

KUA fee

Getting married at the office of religious affairs (KUA) is free as long as you get married on working days and hours (Monday – Friday). Getting married at the KUA is subject to a fee if the bride and groom are not married at the KUA office or outside the KUA working days and hours (holidays or weekends).

Estimated Cost: KUA fee of IDR 600,000. For the record, this fee does not include the cost of the penghulu.

Wedding Ring Cost

Finding a wedding ring that suits you is not easy. Many brides and grooms are confused about the issue of wedding rings.

Cost Estimation: As an illustration, the price of a pair of wedding rings with a simple model, made of white gold and silver, starts from Rp. 6 million.

Wedding Organizer Fee

Wedding organizer (WO) services are the right choice for busy brides who cannot take care of their own wedding reception needs. WO offers services ranging from concept, building, decoration to catering.

Cost Estimation: The cheapest WO costs in the Jabodetabek area start from IDR 8 million. Note, make sure you look for complete information so you won’t be fooled by fake WO services!

Invitation Fee & Souvenirs

Invitation Fee & Souvenirs

In fact, the printed version of wedding invitations is still quite popular in the country. As with souvenirs, you can look for inspiration as well as souvenir vendors online. Make sure, read reviews of their services or seek recommendations from friends/relatives to be satisfied with the results.

Estimated Cost: The cost of printing invitations is around Rp. 5,000 x 500 invitations = Rp. 2.5 million. If you want to save money, some of the printed invitations can be replaced with digital versions. Then, the cost of souvenirs, for example, a multi-purpose wallet, the price per wallet is IDR 8,000 x 500 people = IDR 4 million.

Bridal Dress & Makeup Fee

Makeup and wedding clothes are important things that should not be taken lightly. People say, ‘there is a price, there is a form’. Try ahead of time, start looking for information on makeup services and wedding dress rentals that are suitable and according to your budget.

Cost Estimation: Makeup packages and wedding dress rental services start from IDR 8 million. If you want to make your own wedding dress and use the services of a professional MUA (make-up artist), the costs in this post will be much higher.

Documentation Fee

Wedding documentation services include photos and videos. There are many packages to choose from, ranging from complete pre-wedding packages to weddings. Do research and compare prices to find the best photographer and videographer services.

Estimated Cost: Standard package for wedding documentation starts from IDR 8 million. This price can be more if you use photo and video services with unique concepts to different locations.

Other Additional Fees

Other Additional Fees

Additional cost items that need to be prepared include, among others, the cost of family uniforms and bridesmaid/groomsmen, music entertainment, wedding cakes to wedding car rentals.

Estimated Cost: For example, the cost of buying a uniform can start from IDR 200,000 per shirt/fabric. Then the cost of music entertainment can start from Rp. 3 million. Wedding cakes start from IDR 3 million, car rental starts from IDR 1 million. The point is, always calculate the postal details for additional costs so that the cost of getting married doesn’t swell.

Let’s get married! Are you ready for the cost?

In total, the average cost of getting married in office buildings in big cities like Jakarta can reach Rp. 150 million to Rp. 300 million. With a note, the high-low cost depends on the number of guests, the location of the building/hall to the concept of the wedding.

That’s an overview of the list of preparations and costs of marriage. Next, start discussing with your partner about the concept to the ideal wedding cost for the two of you. Also check how many marriage savings funds are available.

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