5 Preparations Before Marriage that You Must Know Before Taking A Serious Step

Preparations Before Marriage

Getting married is a sacred moment that many people dream of. However, before moving on to marriage, thorough preparation is very important. This preparation includes various aspects that will help you and your partner live a harmonious married life. If you’re looking to ensure your financial journey towards marriage starts off right, visit userslot site to discover ways for achieving financial stable and a happy marriage.

Many couples often focus on preparing for the wedding without realizing that life after marriage requires more attention. Being married is not only about happiness, but also about being ready to face various challenges together.

To achieve a lasting and happy marriage, there are several important things that need to be prepared. This article will discuss five important preparations that you must know before taking a more serious step towards marriage. Here are five important preparations that you must know before taking a more serious step towards marriage.

1. Physical, Mental and Financial Readiness

Physical, Mental and Financial ReadinessPhysical preparation is very important to ensure that you and your partner are in optimal health condition. A comprehensive health examination, including reproductive health tests, should be carried out to avoid health problems in the future. Apart from that, mental readiness is also no less important. Marriage is not only about happiness, but also about facing challenges together. Good mental health will help you and your partner resolve conflicts more wisely.

From a financial perspective, marriage requires quite a lot of preparation. Make sure you and your partner have discussed and prepared a financial plan together. This includes preparing wedding costs, planning a household budget, and having emergency savings. Financial stability can provide peace and comfort in living married life.

2. Prepare sincere and mature intentions

Prepare sincere and mature intentionsSincere and mature intentions are the main foundation in marriage. Marriage is not just about a festive party or simply fulfilling social expectations, but about a long-term commitment between two individuals. Make sure that your intention to get married is based on sincere love and a desire to support each other in joy and sorrow.

Preparing mature intentions also means understanding that marriage requires cooperation and compromise. Discuss your hopes and goals for marriage with your partner. With sincere and mature intentions, you will be better prepared to face various dynamics in marriage.

3. Understand the purpose of marriage for women and men

Understand the purpose of marriage for women and menMarriage has goals that may be different for each individual, both women and men. Therefore, it is important to understand and respect these goals. For some women, marriage may mean having a life partner who can provide a sense of security and emotional support. Meanwhile, for men, marriage can be a way to build a family and fulfill social responsibilities.

Discuss your marriage goals with your partner to ensure that you both have aligned visions. Understanding the purpose of marriage from each other’s perspective will help you both live your marriage in a more harmonious and mutually supportive manner.

4. Take Premarital Counseling

Take Premarital CounselingPremarital counseling is a highly recommended step for couples who are getting married. This counseling can help you and your partner understand each other better, identify potential problems, and learn how to resolve conflict. In premarital counseling, you will be guided by professionals who are experienced in providing advice about relationships and marriage.

Another benefit of premarital counseling is that you and your partner can learn effective communication, emotional management, and strategies for maintaining marital harmony. By attending premarital counseling, you will be better prepared to face married life more wisely and openly.

5. Communication and Reassurance

Communication and ReassuranceCommunication is the key to success in any relationship, including marriage. Before getting married, make sure that you and your partner have open and honest communication. Discuss everything, from small things to big problems that may be faced in the marriage. Good communication will help you and your partner understand each other’s needs and expectations.

Apart from that, certainty is also an important factor in wedding preparations. Make sure that you and your partner have completed all the administrative and legal preparations required to get married. This certainty will give you a sense of calm and readiness to take the step into marriage.

Marriage is a long journey full of ups and downs. By preparing yourself physically, mentally and financially, having sincere and mature intentions, understanding the purpose of marriage, attending pre-marital counseling, and maintaining communication and certainty, you and your partner will be better prepared to live a harmonious and happy married life.

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5 Most compelling Things You Ought to Focus On Before Marriage

What number of us say we need to get hitched soon on the grounds that we believe we are mature enough? Or on the other hand perhaps you would rather not get hitched mature enough to ask your accomplice to wed you soon? Youthful marriage is by all accounts the most recent pattern among youngsters. Did you had any idea about that there are many couples who battle with their concerns harder than single individuals? indeed, even Paul has referenced a portion of those deterrents (1 Corinthians 7:32-35).

Marriage is an important choice when we believe we have found the best obedience to go with us forever. When installing, it must be coupled with a great mental, otherworldly and material arrangement. Likewise, in playing online slot games, we have to make the right choice, you can try playing pgsoft online slots, where they are one of the most trusted online slot sites.

Then again, not a couple of couples are more centered around weddings that last just a single day. Before the blissful day, you and your accomplice will be occupied with numerous things. Beginning from deciding the scene, enrichments, food menu, wedding dress, to incorporating a rundown of welcomed visitors. The issue is, will the itemized readiness and sumptuous party ensure your cheerfully ever after marriage?

Prior to tying a commitment forever and passing, check whether you and your accomplice as of now have five significant components that will reinforce your marriage. The five components are:

1. Shared Building Profound Life

The main thing that should be ready before marriage is the otherworldly assemblage of you and your accomplice. Homegrown bliss doesn’t stop without help from anyone else, however it requires exertion. With a solid profound life, you will feel more secure in God. Without a valid and strong otherworldly establishment, your marriage will be delicate.

For that, do the accompanying things to assemble your profound life and your accomplice:

  • Love God and His Assertion
  • Dedicated in God
  • Feeling of dread toward God
  • Life in Cooperation

2. Shared Open

“Consequently admit your transgressions to each other and petition God for each other, that you might be recuperated. The request of an honorable individual, when he is certainly petitioned God for, has extraordinary power.” – James 5:16

Imagine a scenario where your accomplice has one major mystery that he keeps tight, which when uncovered will obliterate your marriage quickly. Being open is difficult, and it certainly conveys dangers to the actual relationship. By being open, you might be reprimanded or judged. Nonetheless, trust me, being straightforward with your accomplice is far superior than keeping wounds that won’t close for eternity.

3. Figure out the Accomplice’s Main avenue for affection

Know your accomplice’s main avenue for affection so you can address their issues. As indicated by the book 5 Dialects of Adoration by Gary Chapman, there are five sorts of ways to express affection, specifically:

  • Acclaim (Uplifting statements)
  • Quality time
  • Present (Getting Gift)
  • Activities (Demonstrations of Administration)
  • Contact (Actual Touch)

Everybody has their own way to express affection. There are individuals who feel cherished when offered a commendation or uplifting statements. Certain individuals cheer when you invest energy with them. Some vibe cherished when given a gift, regardless of how little the worth. There are individuals who feel adored when you serve them. Furthermore, there are the individuals who celebrate on the off chance that you give them a warm embrace. Understanding your accomplice’s way to express affection will assist you with building areas of strength for a, particularly in compromise and satisfying adoration needs.

4. Figure out how to Oversee Funds

“For one of you you, wanting to fabricate a castle, doesn’t initially and make a gauge of the expenses, to check whether he has sufficient can to finish the work?” – Luke 14:28

Toward the beginning of a marriage, many spouses vow to pass on monetary game plans to their wives. Not a couple of spouses likewise vow to oversee family funds well. In actuality, not all things can go true to form.

You and your accomplice need to contemplate and talk about the family financial plan. Family funds are yours, yet in addition your accomplice’s.

Here are a few ways to oversee family funds:

  • Orchestrate Financial plan
  • Put away 10% of pay for reserve funds
  • Keep away from Obligation Whenever the situation allows

5. Marriage Mentoring

“The arrangement falls flat on the off chance that there is no thought, however it is executed assuming there are numerous guides.” – Adages 15:22

Intentionally or unknowingly, marriage impacts an individual’s mental perspectives. Whatever occurs in the family can change the personality of you and your accomplice. Therefore we want marriage mentoring.

Prior to marriage, and even a long time later, you and your accomplice need to keep on building each other’s profound life, be open, figure out the language of adoration, oversee funds, and go to marriage mentoring. With a solid and sound marriage, you and your accomplice get satisfaction, yet additionally satisfy God’s arrangement.


An Original Idea For Celebrating A Wedding Anniversary Together

An Original Idea For Celebrating A Wedding Anniversary Together

We believe your wedding is an amazing moment in your life and a very important event that changed everything in your life as a couple before and after. Now that our marriage is strengthened and our relationship is stronger, we celebrate our anniversary every year! Out of ideas? Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! We’ll give you some other ideas to help rekindle your love, keep you energized, spend time with your partner, and enjoy each other. Never stop growing and being amazed by each other!

A Trip To The Second Honeymoon

You don’t have to go on a big trip to get a romantic getaway. To spend time together and remember your honeymoon, think of something simple and affordable, and better than Spain! This country has some of the best cities in the world such as Barcelona,​​Seville, Granada, Madrid, and San Sebastian. Choose your destination and pack your bags! But if you have time, you can always rent a safari, cruise or tour between the capitals. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy strolling the beach, visiting monuments, taking a boat trip, or simply getting lost in the streets. This is the perfect choice for a couples who like to travel!

Country Walks And Picnics

If you have a few sunny days in your area, you can go out into the countryside and enjoy the outdoors, nature and sunshine. It’s a way to unplug and spend time together, and it’s also very easy to set up. All you need to do is get a small basket, food, good wine and rest in the shade of a tree! There’s no better way to enjoy each other’s company, and if you have kids, they definitely will!

Relax And Unwind In Our Romantic Spa

Whether you’re in a private spa or in a serviced hotel room, both options are wonderfully romantic for spending a few hours together amidst the foaming of the jacuzzi, the heat of the sauna, or the contrasting temperatures of the hammam. You can also relax with a massage using stones, chocolate and essential oils. You won’t regret it!

Original Idea For Celebrating A Wedding Anniversary Together

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping With Adventure Sports

If you are adventurous and like feeling the adrenaline rush, extreme sports will allow you to share these moments with your partner and feel like a kid again! Quieter activities like skydiving, going to an amusement park, hot air ballooning, paragliding, bungee jumping or quad riding, climbing or going to a karting circuit. And scream and confess your love!

Couples Course

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than by spending time together learning something new? Options include cocktail courses, learning how to make sushi, baking, photography workshops, painting and even drama! You guys need to find something that you both really enjoy. And don’t forget to practice at home so you don’t forget everything you’ve learned! Also, if you have kids and want to include them in your plans, your kids will love this!

Idea For Celebrating A Wedding Anniversary Together

Dinner For Two, Safe Bet

This is one of the most common gestures throughout the year, but you can create a one-of-a-kind dinner by adding a romantic touch and turning it into a magical evening. how? Candle light, romantic music, rose petals, good food and of course good wine and very sweet desserts and enjoying playing online slots in one of the best indonesia gambling site https://www.ligaslot.top/. Your partner doesn’t expect all these details! This will be a way to rekindle all that romance and practice your culinary skills to wow your partner. You will seduce them again!

Gather Your Friends For A Party

This is a great opportunity to bring all the friends and family who attended your wedding together to remember and relive the day. All you have to do is find a good place, food, drink and music. And if you want to make it even more fun, you can enjoy your time like a second wedding by setting up a DIY photo booth that always catches everyone’s attention!

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End The Day With A Small Gift

After spending the whole day together celebrating birthdays, what better way to end the day than to give each other something? For example, small trinkets, watches, something symbolic like a love letter thanking you for everything you have done together, a photo book containing all the memories of your experiences as a married couple, or even a video of the funniest moments! The little details make all the difference, and this is a great opportunity to express all your love for your partner from the bottom of your heart. Do you already know what you are planning with your other half for your birthday? Definitely more than one! Let us know at Perfect Venue and we’ll help arrange everything for you to be perfect! You will have an unforgettable anniversary.

7 Important Things You Can Learn When Preparing for Marriage

7 Important Things You Can Learn When Preparing for Marriage

Every phase of a relationship is an opportunity to learn from each other and become better people, especially when preparing for marriage. When you have decided to go to the next serious level, there will be many challenges and obstacles to face. Eits, there is no need to be afraid or worried, brides, this is an opportunity to learn from each other with 7 important points so that the relationship becomes stronger and more stable.

1. Good Communication Skills

Communication is a relationship facilitator that should not be taken lightly. The moment of wedding preparation can be an opportunity to form a good communication pattern. It is not impossible, this communication habit will continue until later after marriage. Some points of communication skills that you can develop include:

– A way to keep sharing, both light topics and serious things.

– Caring about partner’s opinion

– Listen without interruption

– Ask before assuming or providing solutions

– Commitment to communication etc

2. Financial Management

Have you been transparent about the financial status of the two of you? Now is the time to enter into financial management for shared needs, namely budgeting and cost realization during wedding preparations. At this stage, partners will be tested for consistency and skill in managing short-term finances, but can have far-reaching effects.

So, use wedding preparations as an opportunity to overcome each other’s financial problems around paying party fees, saving strategies, to other important financial things that should not be missed altogether.

3. Teamwork

One of the important things that must be learned during the wedding preparation period is how to become a compact team. Here you will be tested whether you can overcome each other’s problems or even exacerbate existing disputes.

Remind your partner and yourself to cooperate with each other, share tasks, resolve conflicts, compromise each other and find solutions. Remember, use the principle of helping each other, after all it’s you and me against the world – not the other way around.

4. New Things About Couples

4. New Things About Couples

Are you sure you know all the ins and outs of a couple when you decide to get married? What if it turns out that there are still new things or other aspects that you will learn while preparing for your wedding? At a minimum, you will learn from each other about your partner’s extended family or personal things that have never been brought up as a topic of conversation before.

As long as there are not things that will threaten the longevity of the relationship, make these new things an important lesson for your marriage.

5. It’s Important to Stay “dating”

One lesson that is often overlooked when preparing for a wedding is the importance of nurturing each other’s love relationships. Don’t let stress and busy wedding planning make you forget that the courtship event must go on. Although the meaning may have shifted from a romantic date with hours of preparation by now, this lesson will be one of the tips for a lasting relationship.

6. Mutual Accept

Whatever the strengths and weaknesses of a partner, there is no such thing as true perfection. As you prepare for your wedding, you will learn to accept each other as they are and not be too grandiose in your expectations. Just like yourself, your partner must be ready to accept the possibility of you turning into a bridezilla or vice versa, a prospective husband who turns into groomzilla. Remember to accept each other, brides! Mutual accept means when husband or wife likes to play gambling at https://www.pialadunia.top/ its also need to be understand.

7. It’s About Marriage

The lesson you can learn when preparing for a wedding is that relationships are not just about marriage. There is something more important, namely the marriage itself. Don’t let marital affairs obscure the far more crucial long-term reality of living together. Are you ready to learn? Do your wedding planning and stay focused on this important thing.

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Low Budget 2022 Wedding Preparation Tips

Who’s resolution in the new year 2022 is to get married? In this new year, you definitely want to live the day with new resolutions and atmosphere. Of course, you and your partner must prepare for the wedding carefully. Even during a pandemic, it’s not difficult to hold a low-budget wedding party. You can choose a cheap wedding location in https://maxbet.top/ or don’t even pay for it, namely by holding a wedding at home.

In addition to saving the budget and not having to think about the duration of the party, weddings at home also allow you to have a warm party with a family feel. Especially during this pandemic, physical distancing is enforced where the capacity of the crowd for an event is limited. Then, what things need to be prepared for a wedding at home? Well, here are the wedding preparations you should do when deciding to hold a wedding at home with a low budget.

1. Mental Preparation

The most important thing in wedding preparation is mental preparation. You and your partner must have mental readiness if you want to get married. You will face a new life, live the ups and downs of life together with your partner and feel other things that you have never felt together.

2. Financial Preparation

In addition to mental, financial must also be prepared. Both for the wedding party and for after the wedding financially is very important for the life of your household and your partner. If you want to get married, of course you have to be financially stable, especially if you are a man then you will be the head of the family, you must have a permanent job so you can provide for your family safely. Many costs must be incurred after marriage, such as thinking about a place to live, daily living expenses, costs for children, costs for a house, and other costs for the welfare of the family.

3. Blessing from Family

Based on the culture that exists in Indonesia, marriage is not only married between a male and female lover. But marriage also means marrying off the two families between a male family and a female family. Because this marriage will unite the two families, it must be based on the blessing of the family as well, especially the blessing of the parents. If you and your partner are not approved, it will certainly trouble your relationship with your family in the future.

4. Tent and Stage Preparation

The next thing you have to prepare for the wedding is the tent and the stage. Even with a limited budget, you can make a list of tent vendors that best suit your budget. Look for a wedding tent rental vendor around your place of residence that can be an option.

5. Arrange Your Own Wedding Decoration

Preparing and arranging your own wedding decorations is actually much more economical than using the services of a decoration vendor. For example, chairs, tables, carpets, and flowers, you can work around this by preparing them yourself or borrowing neighbors and friends. The cost of borrowing from a friend can be 70 percent cheaper than the services of a decoration vendor. For decoration models, you can look for references from social media. You can also add some fresh or artificial flowers at an affordable price. In this way, of course, the preparation for marriage will be much more efficient and memorable.

6. Rent a Wedding Dress

To get a memorable wedding, you don’t have to buy an expensive wedding dress at a price of hundreds of millions. Instead of having to spend a lot of money on dresses that are only worn once, it’s better to rent them. Currently, there are many providers of beautiful wedding dress rental services at low prices. If your wedding requires a uniform for a beautiful fence and family, then you can look for a suitable wedding dress package as well.

7. Determine the Number of Invitations

It is also important to be selective about who to invite, because this will affect the costs incurred. With the restrictions on guests attending during the pandemic, it makes it easier for you to choose only your closest family and friends to invite. Of course, making the costs for the wedding even more can be reduced.

8. Choose Cheap, Quality Invitations

In the current digital era and also during the pandemic, it is highly recommended that you choose to make an invitation in a virtual form, namely a digital wesbite invitation or a digital video invitation. In addition to the low price, this digital invitation can also be distributed directly through social media and various digital platforms. Very practical and fast. You can choose a digital invitation package from invitation.me

The invitation.me platform provides dozens of website invitation themes and video invitations that are updated every month. You can display a preview of each of the available themes as you wish. You can also become an invitation.me partner to start a business that generates a lot of money. Compared to regular invitations, digital invitations are more affordable. In fact, you only need to make one digital invitation and can be distributed to all friends, friends, and family who will be invited.

9. Wedding Souvenirs (Souvenirs)

Choose a special and memorable souvenir that will make each guest feel happy and appreciated. You can choose a variety of useful and pocket-friendly wedding souvenirs. Such as nail clippers, fans, glasses, and much more. Choose a wedding souvenir vendor that you can make an alternative.

10. Cook Your Own Dishes

To minimize catering costs, you can prepare these dishes yourself. In preparing your own wedding meal, ask for help from family, friends, and even neighbors. However, don’t forget to reward them for their help. By cooking and buying your own food, you can save up to 30 percent of costs.

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6 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs Yet Still Elegant

Getting married is a big decision in life. Of course, an event as important as this needs to be well planned, especially considering how much it will cost to prepare. Not all expensive and lavish weddings are good. A good marriage is one that lasts forever after the wedding day.

If you are the type of person who plans to hold a wedding that is economical but still beautiful in the eyes of many people, maybe these tips are useful to apply.

1. Choose a beautiful but pocket-friendly decoration

You may have to go through a lot of searching to find a beautiful but pocket-friendly decoration service. You can ask many acquaintances for recommendations for wedding decorations that are good but not expensive. Or you can DIY and shop at for the decorations that you want because generally buying your own decorations can be more cost-effective.

2. Be the manager of your own wedding

There is no need to hire a wedding organizer, because you actually have the ability to organize what your wedding will look like. Learn a lot from various sources how to organize your own wedding, especially if you plan to hold it in a simple way. Just make sure you understand the proper flow of the wedding and make sure all the invited guests are properly entertained.

3. Do your own hair and make-up

If you have your own makeup and hairdo skills, it would be better if you cut your makeup artist and hairdo expenses by doing it yourself. Often, there is no need for excessive makeup for a simple wedding, make sure you have tried various makeup looks and choose the one that suits you and your partner’s taste.

4. Make your own souvenir

Often giving souvenirs is an important thing in a wedding. To save expenses, you can shop for items that will be used as souvenirs and wrap them yourself, because they are definitely cheaper than ordering outside.

5. Rent a wedding dress

Rent a wedding dress that is still good and relatively new but at a low price. Instead of buying or ordering specifically, renting is indeed cheaper. If you don’t like wearing wedding clothes that look too much, you can also buy elegant clothes that can be worn again during other events.

6. Invite only important people

How many guests are invited will greatly affect how many servings of food that need to be prepared or ordered. Make sure to only invite people who are important so you don’t have to worry about setting a budget for consumption.

Those are some tips that can be applied if you plan to cut your wedding costs while still being elegant.

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7 Ways to Overcome a Marriage That Starts Feel Boring

7 Ways to Overcome a Marriage That Starts to Feel Boring

Don’t panic or worry if Mama and Papa’s relationship is bored. There are still many ways that can be done, so that the relationship with your partner can be fun again. Maybe most of the boredom is present because both of them are tired of their respective routines, don’t have time together and need to create a little variety in their daily lives while living the household. If you are being hindered by your daily busyness, try to make a decision together to do various moments together like playing games together on ionclub. If applied consistently, it will feel a change and the relationship becomes more intimate. Here are some suggestions from Cyndi Darnell, a relationship expert, to spend the right amount of energy with your partner so you don’t feel bored.

ways to overcome marriage

1. Take care of yourself (Me time)

If boredom is hitting, it doesn’t mean this is happening because of the partner’s fault. Maybe just bored in general? When you are going through this phase, try to reflect for a moment. After that, you can also think about whether there is something that needs to be done to change yourself? Sometimes someone who is bored can happen because they don’t try to explore themselves, even their relationship with their partner. If you have free time, try to take time to take care of yourself so that your partner realizes that there are changes in you.

2. Do something new every day

If a normal day is only done by getting up, going to work, exercising, eating dinner and going back to sleep. The routine seems to be boring especially if there are no variations or changes. Try to make an agreement with your partner in adding new activities that can be done together. Do what can be done and both parties like it, so that it can add excitement so that daily life does not seem monotonous. Avoid activities that-that’s all!

3. Don’t stay in comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is not as easy as turning your palm. It’s just that by taking this step without realizing it can give a new happiness with your partner. For example, if you often order food for dinner, try occasionally getting off the couch and starting to cook with your partner. Spending time in the kitchen with your partner not only provides an opportunity for bonding, it can practice communication skills and work together to achieve a goal.

4. Don’t be silent, try to learn new things

The essence of the points above is still the same, namely taking action and not just standing still. Keep in mind that if you just stay still, boredom will be felt slowly. You can join classes to upgrade skills or learn to cook via YouTube, learn to swim or find activities that you have never tried before. You can do simple things in the morning, namely exercise with your partner. Even if it is only done around the house, this moment can build a stronger bond.

5. Try adrenaline-pumping activities with your partner

A thrilling experience with a partner can be a sweetener when boredom hits. There is something to try with a partner. For example, do camping together, go white water rafting or maybe watch a horror movie when you have free time. Crystal Bradshaw, a relationship counselor, says that thrilling experiences stimulate the release of oxytocin, a binding hormone often called the love hormone.

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6. Start doing hobbies that you like together

If at this moment Mama and Papa haven’t found a hobby, it’s time to find and do it with a partner. This will work because it can help to get out of your comfort zone. Find something to enjoy together, do a hobby regularly and also seriously. If both of them have a hobby of running, then there is no harm in running to an unusual path. It can also stimulate adrenaline and train cooperation between partners.

7. Try a new sexual activity in bed

About matters of bed, not only focusing on sex alone, but there are also other things. One example that can be done, such as pillow talk. Try to open a conversation about sexual relations, including what you want to do together to avoid boredom. Also talk about sex positions or maybe fantasy in a new place that has never been tried, such as in a hotel room or the back seat of a car that can provoke adrenaline.

From these conversations, it will provide benefits as well as get what they want and need as a married couple. Those were some of the actions that must be taken if you feel the household is getting boring. Do you know what to do? Don’t hesitate to tell your partner, so they can both find a solution together and domestic relations become easier

These are 11 Details of Marriage that Millennials Need Know

These are 11 Details of Marriage that Millennials Need Know

First of all, understand that getting married is not enough just to have intention. It takes real effort to make it happen. For example, convincing couples to get married, preparing marriage funds, getting the blessing of both parents to designing the concept of a wedding reception.

About the cost of marriage, you know, right? getting married with a modern reception nowadays is not cheap, as written on bocoran slot online website statistic that the price is increasing every year. So, you need to prepare carefully so that the dream of getting married can be realized smoothly.

Check out the 11 detailed list of wedding costs, estimated costs and the following solutions:

Delivery Fee

Delivery or offerings are one of the hereditary traditions that are often carried out during wedding processions or proposals.

Estimated Cost: Shipping costs vary, it all depends on the number of items and the brand you want to deliver. Simple version, complete delivery costs start from IDR 5 million.

The cost of dowry or dowry

The dowry or dowry is an important aspect of a marriage. Usually, the dowry is in the form of a set of prayer/worship tools, some cash to jewelry or gold (precious metals).

Estimated Cost: For example, if the dowry is in the form of 10 grams of precious metal, then the money you need to prepare is IDR 7.5 million.

KUA fee

Getting married at the office of religious affairs (KUA) is free as long as you get married on working days and hours (Monday – Friday). Getting married at the KUA is subject to a fee if the bride and groom are not married at the KUA office or outside the KUA working days and hours (holidays or weekends).

Estimated Cost: KUA fee of IDR 600,000. For the record, this fee does not include the cost of the penghulu.

Wedding Ring Cost

Finding a wedding ring that suits you is not easy. Many brides and grooms are confused about the issue of wedding rings.

Cost Estimation: As an illustration, the price of a pair of wedding rings with a simple model, made of white gold and silver, starts from Rp. 6 million.

Wedding Organizer Fee

Wedding organizer (WO) services are the right choice for busy brides who cannot take care of their own wedding reception needs. WO offers services ranging from concept, building, decoration to catering.

Cost Estimation: The cheapest WO costs in the Jabodetabek area start from IDR 8 million. Note, make sure you look for complete information so you won’t be fooled by fake WO services!

Invitation Fee & Souvenirs

Invitation Fee & Souvenirs

In fact, the printed version of wedding invitations is still quite popular in the country. As with souvenirs, you can look for inspiration as well as souvenir vendors online. Make sure, read reviews of their services or seek recommendations from friends/relatives to be satisfied with the results.

Estimated Cost: The cost of printing invitations is around Rp. 5,000 x 500 invitations = Rp. 2.5 million. If you want to save money, some of the printed invitations can be replaced with digital versions. Then, the cost of souvenirs, for example, a multi-purpose wallet, the price per wallet is IDR 8,000 x 500 people = IDR 4 million.

Bridal Dress & Makeup Fee

Makeup and wedding clothes are important things that should not be taken lightly. People say, ‘there is a price, there is a form’. Try ahead of time, start looking for information on makeup services and wedding dress rentals that are suitable and according to your budget.

Cost Estimation: Makeup packages and wedding dress rental services start from IDR 8 million. If you want to make your own wedding dress and use the services of a professional MUA (make-up artist), the costs in this post will be much higher.

Documentation Fee

Wedding documentation services include photos and videos. There are many packages to choose from, ranging from complete pre-wedding packages to weddings. Do research and compare prices to find the best photographer and videographer services.

Estimated Cost: Standard package for wedding documentation starts from IDR 8 million. This price can be more if you use photo and video services with unique concepts to different locations.

Other Additional Fees

Other Additional Fees

Additional cost items that need to be prepared include, among others, the cost of family uniforms and bridesmaid/groomsmen, music entertainment, wedding cakes to wedding car rentals.

Estimated Cost: For example, the cost of buying a uniform can start from IDR 200,000 per shirt/fabric. Then the cost of music entertainment can start from Rp. 3 million. Wedding cakes start from IDR 3 million, car rental starts from IDR 1 million. The point is, always calculate the postal details for additional costs so that the cost of getting married doesn’t swell.

Let’s get married! Are you ready for the cost?

In total, the average cost of getting married in office buildings in big cities like Jakarta can reach Rp. 150 million to Rp. 300 million. With a note, the high-low cost depends on the number of guests, the location of the building/hall to the concept of the wedding.

That’s an overview of the list of preparations and costs of marriage. Next, start discussing with your partner about the concept to the ideal wedding cost for the two of you. Also check how many marriage savings funds are available.

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The Difference Between Past and Present, These are 5 Changes in Wedding Reception

The Difference Between Past and Present, These are 5 Changes in Wedding Reception

In choosing a wedding theme, usually the bride and groom will look for what theme they want. Whether according to traditional or modern customs, the two themes do have their own unique side in celebration. But along with the times cq9 slot writed, today’s society has adapted a lot of Western cultural marriages which tend to be different from ours.

The reason is because Western cultural weddings tend to be simpler and less formal. For example, when the invited guests are not provided with a seat but a standing party. Of course, this is not in accordance with our culture which prioritizes the norm of modesty, but on the other hand, this can actually save time and the wedding budget. Indeed, unconsciously there are many changes in marriage over time. Let’s find out more, let’s see what it is!

Here are 5 Changes in Wedding Reception From Time to Time:

1. Skipping places of worship

Some couples claim not to choose a place of worship in carrying out their wedding. The reason is because they want this once-in-a-lifetime moment to give a unique and different impression. They don’t want to seem too formal, they will usually add their likes to be able to express themselves.

For example, for those of you who like Disney princess-style themes, you can freely adapt this theme in a suitable place instead of holding events in places of worship that are considered sacred and sacred. Marriage can be free and there is no need to worry about disturbing worship activities.

2. The budget is increasing

According to a Bridebook survey that examined 4000 couples in the UK, it was found that the cost of a wedding cost around 27 thousand dollars or around 383 million rupiah. Worse yet, it turns out that the budget will increase over the years. This can be because every couple will compete to give the best wedding party. So it’s not surprising that today’s society is more concerned with prestige than the sacredness of marriage.

The budget is increasing

3. More personal

For today’s generation, marriage is an opportunity for them to show their personality more freely. Each couple will have their own unique idea so that the wedding can give an unforgettable impression. Not infrequently you will find couples who prefer to decorate their own wedding party with DIY rather than renting decorations from a wedding organizer.

4. Get married when you have a successful career

With the increasing number of job opportunities offered, it is not uncommon today for many people to prefer to focus on their careers first rather than getting married. In addition, they also admitted that instead of spending a long time dating, it was better to improve themselves first while waiting to meet the right person. They have the principle that it is better to be well-established and old enough than to be deprived after marriage.

Social media addiction

5. Social media addiction

It’s not the millennial generation if you don’t use social media as a means of self-existence. Social media such as Instagram is a source of inspiration for them in finding the desired wedding inspiration. For example, they can see friends or celebrities who have been married. Of course, this can be proof that today’s millennials can be more creative and independent in all things, especially in determining their own marriage.

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Wedding Party With New Normal Health Protocols In Indonesia

Wedding Party With New Normal Health Protocols In Indonesia

The easing of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) rules in several regions in Indonesia has made a number of activities adjusted, including wedding receptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several regions in Indonesia have started to allow the holding of wedding receptions by implementing the Adaptation of New Habits (AKB) or the so-called ‘New Normal’.

‘Marriage is something that must be rushed’

Not only the bride and groom are enthusiastic about being allowed to hold a wedding party, but also business people who are engaged in the field of ‘wedding organizers’.

Retania Primasari, owner of Nayyara Wedding who lives in Cirebon, West Java, said she was relieved by the policy that adjusted the IMR phase.

“For the past four months our revenue [of entrepreneurs and vendors] has been absolutely zero,” Retania told pragmaticcasino.

He considered that the establishment of a clear health protocol, as a condition for organizing a wedding, was the right middle ground for all parties, both for the bride and groom and the wedding business people.

“If it’s just a normal gathering event, maybe it can still be postponed, but marriage, regardless of religion, is something that must be rushed,” said Reta.

new normal marriage in indonesia

Before the easing, Reta had time to make a wedding package #AkadAjaDulu to facilitate the bride-to-be who still want to get married despite the limitations.

Another option is a virtual wedding package that uses advanced multi-platform digital technology, although according to him the demand is still low because the cost is not cheap.

To meet the needs of prospective brides who want to get married in the ‘new normal’ era, Reta who is also part of the Indonesian Wedding Organizer Association (GPPPI) runs a wedding simulation with health protocols.

Minimal contact to reduce the risk of infected

According to Reta, the wedding simulation was carried out with the aim of educating all parties, from vendors, brides-to-be and their families, as well as the public in general, about the new rules that must be followed when organizing and attending wedding receptions.

Reta explained, everyone who was present during the wedding was required to wear a mask. The organizers also provided ‘hand sanitizer’ and set the distance for those in attendance.

“The number of people in the building can only be 40 to a maximum of 50 percent of the building’s capacity. So if the capacity is 1,000 people, now it’s only allowed to be 500 people,” said Reta as the chief executive of this simulation.

new normal marriage in indonesia celebration

He added, when entering the building, the guests were checked for body temperature.

If in the past the guests wrote or filled out the reception guest book themselves, now the receptionists write it down, so that stationery is not used interchangeably.

Alternatively, a ‘QR Code’ is provided as a substitute for filling out the guest book.

Not only that, an unusual sight will be seen by guests.

“Those on duty, including wedding organizers, catering staff, or musicians, must wear PPE, starting from gloves, masks, and face shields.”

As for the presentation of food dishes, although the system is still a buffet, now there are officers who pick up food.

“For food at the lodge, we recommend the kind that can be taken home, so that it is easier to put it in a box and then distribute it.”

Then one of the big things that sets it apart is that you can’t shake hands, let alone hug the bride and groom.

“There are no greetings, we only use Sundanese greetings that do not touch,” he said.

“The decorator and the person in charge of the venue must first spray the place and its decorations with disinfectant, as well as music and band equipment, must be wiped or sprayed with disinfectant, and the microphone must be covered,” he explained.

With a number of new rules that must be obeyed, Reta admits that there are additional costs that must be incurred by vendors to be able to comply.

According to him, catering or food service providers are the most affected among other vendors.

“Because they usually only need one or two people to supervise and fill the food that runs out, now each food must have an attendant.”

This means that more expenses are needed to pay the wages of additional catering workers, he explained.

“It’s not just the cost of buying hand sanitizer and PPE. So for catering, like it or not, the price also goes up,” said Reta.

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