Strategy Wedding Organizer To Survive In Pandemic

Strategy Wedding Organizer To Survive In Pandemic

The business in the field of wedding planning or wedding organizers had slumped in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Until 2021, not many changes have occurred even though the business can rise slowly.

For this reason, wedding organizer businesses need to have a strategy in order to be successful even though the demand for their services has decreased due to the pandemic.

Here are some strategies that can be done as quoted by Planners Lounge:

1. Change marketing techniques

Change marketing techniques

Since the pandemic, people may start to limit large-scale gatherings, such as for weddings.

Couples who want to get married are also racking their brains to be able to hold a party even with a few invited guests.

Therefore, wedding planning service providers also need to rack their brains to adapt themselves and their business.

One thing that can be done is to change marketing techniques by offering small and simple parties.

You can promote the idea of ​​​​a reception with a few invited guests using phrases such as, micro wedding, intimate wedding, streaming wedding, and Covid wedding.

Use these keywords as hashtags in every promotional upload for wedding packages that you want to market.

This will attract attention and make your wedding organizer more recognizable.

2. Take advantage of the live streaming trend

Make a few adjustments to your existing wedding planning, even since the pandemic hasn’t hit yet.

It’s just that guests don’t have to be physically present, just virtual by using applications like Zoom.

The party can still be held and the aisle can be made as beautiful as possible considering the appearance will be displayed.

So, the invitees can still enjoy the beauty of the wedding party even if only through video.

3. Don’t neglect financial aid

Even if your business is starting to recover slowly, keep looking for financial assistance.

Don’t ignore the possibility that you can get financial assistance from a bank or credit provider.

Who knows, you can use it as capital to improve service quality.

To get capital from a credit service provider, you need to keep updating the books of your business and pay taxes diligently.

4. Prepare for a surge in orders

As the economy recovers, it is likely that the wedding organizer business will also increase.

In the future, couples may no longer have to worry about having a party considering that the wedding planner has provided services according to health protocols.

If that happens, be prepared for the possibility that you will receive an increase in orders.

One way to prepare it is to start improving your work system or ordering system for consumers.

5. Provide marriage insurance

Provide marriage insurance

Furthermore, a professional wedding organizer site like needs to provide wedding insurance.

For example insurance for event cancellations or delays for several reasons.

Either because the bride and groom split up, or for unexpected reasons such as a disaster during the party.

Insurance is important to protect clients and prevent them from feeling depressed after their marriage is canceled or delayed.

How do you understand?

I hope this strategy will help your business succeed, my friend. (*)

The Best Wedding Organizer in Bali for Your Wedding

The Best Wedding Organizer in Bali

Are you planning to have a wedding ceremony in Bali and now looking for information about the best wedding venues in Bali? I am sure you answered yes! Because you are reading this page which is about the 6 best locations for marriage in Bali. Therefore, please continue reading this page! Certainly your time will not be wasted reading this page, if you have any questions about the best location to get married in Bali.

The island of Bali, an exotic tourist spot in Indonesia, is ideal for foreign and domestic tourists. The beauty of nature, culture, art and safety for tourists while on vacation, make many investments into the island of Bali. The most visible investment in Bali today is the construction of luxury resorts and villas as well as luxury class standard restaurants.

The construction of luxury villas in Bali is usually located in a very hidden place and offers beautiful natural scenery. The beauty of villas in Bali invites many newlyweds to honeymoon on the island of Bali. Not only for honeymooners, the island of Bali is also used as a place for pre-wedding photo shoots in Bali.

Getting Married In Bali

Wherever weddings take place, whether you take a wedding location in Bali, or anywhere you like, of course everyone will hope that the wedding will run smoothly and become the most beautiful memories you want to have. However, every prospective bride and groom preparing for a wedding will always be thrilling and sometimes make the bride and groom feel stressed.

Of course, there are reasons that make preparing for a wedding ceremony that is handled by the bride and groom herself tense.

  • Because this is the first time preparing for a wedding.
  • There are many small things which are overwhelming in number and need attention so as not to forget.

If you entrust the preparation of the wedding ceremony to a professional wedding organizer or wedding planner, I had like give u some pieces of advice that gain insight from casino player on in preparing the wedding ceremony will be reduced. In addition, many hotels, villas and resorts in Bali, apart from providing wedding venues, also provide wedding planner services, who will arrange all the details and details of your wedding.

1. Bali Eve Wedding Planner

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2. Brides Organizer

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3. The Right Two

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4. William & Friends

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5. Bali Chemistry Wedding Planner

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6. Vio Bali Wedding Planner

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7. Bali Wedding Organizer – NDB

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8. Didin Said (ND Design)

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9. Balistate Wedding Organizer

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10. Avavi Bali Weddings

AVAVI BALI WEDDINGS specializes in planning & coordinating weddings in Bali, helping you make the memories and the happiest day in your lives.

Make The Most Of A Wedding Organizer

Make The Most Of A Wedding Organizer

No matter how big or small your upcoming wedding goes to be, you’ve got to possess some sort of wedding organizer to assist you retain track of everything.

You’ll think that a marriage with just twenty guests are some things that you simply can do off the highest of your head, but you’re getting to miss something or lose something if you do not have anywhere to stay track of what you’ve got done, what you’ve got yet to try to to , and even what proportion money you’ve got spent.

The proper organizer can make all the difference in your stress levels when planning your wedding.

You can usually find some sorts of wedding organizer for free of charge , otherwise you can leave and buy one.

Most larger city areas have some organizers that are sponsored by wedding vendors within the area. In exchange for ad space within the wedding organizer, they buy a number of the value of manufacturing it.

The organizer then goes out liberal to any bride that asks for one. If you’re doing not want to ascertain a bunch of ads while you are planning your wedding, you’ll buy a billboard free one.

Some brides find the ads annoying while some find they’re useful to seek out the services and goods that they have .

If you’re totally digital in your day to day life, you’ll also find some sorts of free wedding organizer online. you’ll also find some that have a fee, but again, you will not have any (or as many) advertisements once you buy one.

The digital form also comes in software that you simply can purchase , otherwise you can even come up together with your own lists and databases if you recognize tons about using a number of the programs that you simply have already got on your computer .

What you employ isn’t as important as how you employ it. As long as you’ll find and record what you would like , use what works for you.

The wedding organizer that you simply use should have how to stay track of expenses, and not all of them do. Search for that feature before you select to use or buy anything. Without that, you’ll easily go over your budget before you’ve got realized what you’ve got done.

A marriage organizer that keeps a tab for you (or a minimum of an honest estimate) can make sort of a lot easier for you as you propose your wedding. Nobody wants to possess to travel bent get a final minute and doubtless high rate of interest loan because the budget was blown to bits.

One of the most important problems that brides have is remembering each and each thing that goes into a marriage . If you’ve got never planned one, you’ll not realize what percentage details there really are, even for a comparatively small and straightforward wedding.

If you are looking for one best wedding organizer in town, you may try to visit this DEPOXITO to find one that suit the best of you.

A marriage organizer may be a good way to not only record what you’ve got done, what you’ve got to try to to , and the way much you’re spending, but also to form sure you’re not forgetting something.

Most have sections for each imaginable. Tear out the pages you will not need, and use the remainder as a guide to planning your perfect wedding.

Our Duties and Roles of Wedding Organizer

A few years ago, the term wedding organizer might still sound unfamiliar to the ear. Most brides are still preparing their own wedding with the help of family or closest friends. Quite often people who question whether the wedding planner or wedding organizer?

But lately rarely brides who do not use the services of a wedding organizer in preparing their wedding. This is usually caused by the bustle of the bride and groom who generally work, as well as family or relatives. In fact, with so many things that must be done during preparation, it is not uncommon in the end to establish a closeness between the wedding organizer and the bride and groom even with both families. The task of the wedding organizer also extends to being the party responsible for the smooth running of a wedding from the marriage ceremony or blessing to the wedding reception. Want to know more about the role of wedding organizers, see the reviews below.


1. Lighten the burden of the bride and groom

Using wedding organizer services is not a necessity, but as time goes by, wedding organizer services are increasingly needed because it can ease the burden of the bride and groom. Some of the mandatory tasks for a wedding organizer are:

– As a planner, which provides suggestions and input on the concept of events, costs, venues, vendors such as decoration, catering, photos and videos, multi-media, MC, and others according to the needs and desires of the bride and groom.

– As a coordinator, namely to coordinate all parties involved in the wedding, starting from the prospective bride, family, vendors and performers, including arranging technical meeting schedules, and rehearsals.

– Make a whole rundown of events and form a professional team to organize the wedding party from preparation, rehearsals, until the event is over.

2.Become the mediator and unifier of the bride and groom’s family

Although it has been handled by a professional wedding planner or wedding organizer, usually there is still a committee formed from the bride and groom’s family. Due to inexperience in organizing weddings, these family members often lack understanding of what they have to do. It is the duty of the wedding organizer to manage the family committee so that unnecessary mistakes are not made.

Differences of opinion between the two families in a marriage also often occur. Especially if one party has a higher position or position than the other, and that party spends more money to pay for the wedding.

For things like this, the task of a wedding organizer is to mediate and unite the two families. Not easy indeed. However, experienced wedding planners and wedding organizers usually have special tips for dealing with things like this. One of them is by making the wedding organizer as a friend or friend of the prospective bride, and not as a subordinate.

Explain to the family that the wedding organizer better understand the ins and outs of marriage. Ask the wedding organizer to explain to both parties important matters in a wedding procession. In a friendly way of course and do not impress patronizing. Usually, with patience and understanding given by the family will understand and eventually found a meeting point that satisfies both parties.

become the mediator and unifier of the bride and groom's family

3.Reducing unnecessary costs

As someone who has handled several weddings, the wedding organizer generally understands how to help the bride and groom save money. For food calculations, for example, each hotel, building, restaurant and catering has different food portions for one guest. Therefore, the portion of food served should be calculated appropriately, not less and not too much, so that the bride and groom are calm, the guests are also comfortable. The bride and groom must also be honest with the wedding organizer about the budget amount they have prepared.