6 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs Yet Still Elegant

Getting married is a big decision in life. Of course, an event as important as this needs to be well planned, especially considering how much it will cost to prepare. Not all expensive and lavish weddings are good. A good marriage is one that lasts forever after the wedding day.

If you are the type of person who plans to hold a wedding that is economical but still beautiful in the eyes of many people, maybe these tips are useful to apply.

1. Choose a beautiful but pocket-friendly decoration

You may have to go through a lot of searching to find a beautiful but pocket-friendly decoration service. You can ask many acquaintances for recommendations for wedding decorations that are good but not expensive. Or you can DIY and shop at for the decorations that you want because generally buying your own decorations can be more cost-effective.

2. Be the manager of your own wedding

There is no need to hire a wedding organizer, because you actually have the ability to organize what your wedding will look like. Learn a lot from various sources how to organize your own wedding, especially if you plan to hold it in a simple way. Just make sure you understand the proper flow of the wedding and make sure all the invited guests are properly entertained.

3. Do your own hair and make-up

If you have your own makeup and hairdo skills, it would be better if you cut your makeup artist and hairdo expenses by doing it yourself. Often, there is no need for excessive makeup for a simple wedding, make sure you have tried various makeup looks and choose the one that suits you and your partner’s taste.

4. Make your own souvenir

Often giving souvenirs is an important thing in a wedding. To save expenses, you can shop for items that will be used as souvenirs and wrap them yourself, because they are definitely cheaper than ordering outside.

5. Rent a wedding dress

Rent a wedding dress that is still good and relatively new but at a low price. Instead of buying or ordering specifically, renting is indeed cheaper. If you don’t like wearing wedding clothes that look too much, you can also buy elegant clothes that can be worn again during other events.

6. Invite only important people

How many guests are invited will greatly affect how many servings of food that need to be prepared or ordered. Make sure to only invite people who are important so you don’t have to worry about setting a budget for consumption.

Those are some tips that can be applied if you plan to cut your wedding costs while still being elegant.

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