Low Budget 2022 Wedding Preparation Tips

Who’s resolution in the new year 2022 is to get married? In this new year, you definitely want to live the day with new resolutions and atmosphere. Of course, you and your partner must prepare for the wedding carefully. Even during a pandemic, it’s not difficult to hold a low-budget wedding party. You can choose a cheap wedding location in https://maxbet.top/ or don’t even pay for it, namely by holding a wedding at home.

In addition to saving the budget and not having to think about the duration of the party, weddings at home also allow you to have a warm party with a family feel. Especially during this pandemic, physical distancing is enforced where the capacity of the crowd for an event is limited. Then, what things need to be prepared for a wedding at home? Well, here are the wedding preparations you should do when deciding to hold a wedding at home with a low budget.

1. Mental Preparation

The most important thing in wedding preparation is mental preparation. You and your partner must have mental readiness if you want to get married. You will face a new life, live the ups and downs of life together with your partner and feel other things that you have never felt together.

2. Financial Preparation

In addition to mental, financial must also be prepared. Both for the wedding party and for after the wedding financially is very important for the life of your household and your partner. If you want to get married, of course you have to be financially stable, especially if you are a man then you will be the head of the family, you must have a permanent job so you can provide for your family safely. Many costs must be incurred after marriage, such as thinking about a place to live, daily living expenses, costs for children, costs for a house, and other costs for the welfare of the family.

3. Blessing from Family

Based on the culture that exists in Indonesia, marriage is not only married between a male and female lover. But marriage also means marrying off the two families between a male family and a female family. Because this marriage will unite the two families, it must be based on the blessing of the family as well, especially the blessing of the parents. If you and your partner are not approved, it will certainly trouble your relationship with your family in the future.

4. Tent and Stage Preparation

The next thing you have to prepare for the wedding is the tent and the stage. Even with a limited budget, you can make a list of tent vendors that best suit your budget. Look for a wedding tent rental vendor around your place of residence that can be an option.

5. Arrange Your Own Wedding Decoration

Preparing and arranging your own wedding decorations is actually much more economical than using the services of a decoration vendor. For example, chairs, tables, carpets, and flowers, you can work around this by preparing them yourself or borrowing neighbors and friends. The cost of borrowing from a friend can be 70 percent cheaper than the services of a decoration vendor. For decoration models, you can look for references from social media. You can also add some fresh or artificial flowers at an affordable price. In this way, of course, the preparation for marriage will be much more efficient and memorable.

6. Rent a Wedding Dress

To get a memorable wedding, you don’t have to buy an expensive wedding dress at a price of hundreds of millions. Instead of having to spend a lot of money on dresses that are only worn once, it’s better to rent them. Currently, there are many providers of beautiful wedding dress rental services at low prices. If your wedding requires a uniform for a beautiful fence and family, then you can look for a suitable wedding dress package as well.

7. Determine the Number of Invitations

It is also important to be selective about who to invite, because this will affect the costs incurred. With the restrictions on guests attending during the pandemic, it makes it easier for you to choose only your closest family and friends to invite. Of course, making the costs for the wedding even more can be reduced.

8. Choose Cheap, Quality Invitations

In the current digital era and also during the pandemic, it is highly recommended that you choose to make an invitation in a virtual form, namely a digital wesbite invitation or a digital video invitation. In addition to the low price, this digital invitation can also be distributed directly through social media and various digital platforms. Very practical and fast. You can choose a digital invitation package from invitation.me

The invitation.me platform provides dozens of website invitation themes and video invitations that are updated every month. You can display a preview of each of the available themes as you wish. You can also become an invitation.me partner to start a business that generates a lot of money. Compared to regular invitations, digital invitations are more affordable. In fact, you only need to make one digital invitation and can be distributed to all friends, friends, and family who will be invited.

9. Wedding Souvenirs (Souvenirs)

Choose a special and memorable souvenir that will make each guest feel happy and appreciated. You can choose a variety of useful and pocket-friendly wedding souvenirs. Such as nail clippers, fans, glasses, and much more. Choose a wedding souvenir vendor that you can make an alternative.

10. Cook Your Own Dishes

To minimize catering costs, you can prepare these dishes yourself. In preparing your own wedding meal, ask for help from family, friends, and even neighbors. However, don’t forget to reward them for their help. By cooking and buying your own food, you can save up to 30 percent of costs.

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